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Win a Nissan GTR – Special ‘Track Edition’ Model + £4,000!

1253 of 9400 tickets remaining


1 Entry £8.49


Win this stunning Nissan GTR & £4000 – Special ‘Track Edition’ Model – Stage 4.25 Litchfield – Sep 2020

For just £8.49!!

Producing 653bhp and 603 lbf.ft or torque

This incredible GTR is a 2013 Track Model that we purchased in almost fully stock and stunning condition. We then went to see our friends at LItchfield Motors to really give this already incredible GTR even more power and Drama!

The Track Edition GTR is £10,000 more than a standard GTR list price and includes
Lightweight 6 spoke forged Rays Alloy wheels, Additional brake cooling reducing the brake temperature by up to a massive 100 degrees during track use, essentially improving all round braking performance, uprated fully adjustable suspension system with a more track focus, it also benefits from weight savings.

All in all we are giving you the best of what is already considered to be the best car in its class in the world.

You can not believe what it feels like to drive, the sheer power and readiness to rev is breathtaking. Since the upgrades to the car it has now fully come ALIVE! – The sound it makes just demands respect, and it fully gets it once that shouty pedal is initiated! Should this not be enough for you, we upgraded to have a Bluetooth interface included with the car so you can manually adjust almost every aspect of the performance of the engine, and just as importantly…. what the car sounds like! If you want and love pops and bangs…. simply press a couple of buttons on your phone and voila you have them. But as easily switched off too.

WE LOVE THIS CAR….. We think it is the perfect follow on from the Focus RS which you all seemed to love, but offers a level of daily useability that nearly anyone would be happy with.

Do not miss out on being in this competition!!! We have incentives coming up for EARLY PURCHASERS of our tickets, including free draws, competitions for free tickets, and many many more.

The tickets are just £8.49 per ticket and we only have 9400 available to buy. Grab yours now and have a go at winning this incredible, stunning car!


Litchfield Stage 4.25! – Carried out in September 2020 especially for Silverstone Dream Cars

Win a Nissan GTR – Special ‘Track Edition’ Model + £4,000!

Winner: Lee Williams, Cheshire
Winning Ticket No: 3280
Ticket No. Name
1 Murray Storm
2 barry.clegg
3 Veaceslav Oancea
4 jjohnson1987
5 matt.dobson
6 robon.cripps
7 Chris Baker
8 Martin Rutherford
9 Nei Farnsworth
10 Murray Storm

The spec

  • Litchfield Stainless Steel Downpipes
  • Litchfield 1,100cc Bosch Injectors
  • Litchfield large bore performance intake kit with larger MAF housing
  • Litchfield stainless steel Y-Pipe
  • Litchfield rear stainless steel exhaust system (76mm)
  • Improved boost control with custom Ecutek code
  • Adjustable boost using the steering wheels cruise control button
  • Revised ignition control, variable valve timing and fuel maps
  • Reduced fuel consumption (especially on partial throttle conditions)
  • Increase in both power and torque across the whole rev range
  • Litchfield Version 8 RACEROM Switchable maps for 95 Unleaded, 97 Super Unleaded & 99 Octane Super Unleaded
  • Litchfield Custom Traction Control settings with Live adjustment with Bluetooth Interface & Phone App included
  • Litchfield Torque Control for Live adjustment of power output per gear - Fully adjustable using the app
  • Litchfield Adjustable Pops & Bangs / Burble / Flames from mild to wild - Fully adjustable using the App
  • Litchfield Selectable Upshift Pops on full throttle gear changes
  • Litchfield Safety trips for additional engine and clutch protection
  • Litchfield Custom Launch Control settings when used with Gearbox Software upgrade
  • Litchfield Carbon tipped exhaust system
1253 of 9400 tickets remaining


1 Entry £8.49


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