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How it works

  • Pick a competition to enter.
  • Pick how many entries you want and answer a question.
  • Buy your tickets, the more you buy the better the odds.


Absolutely not! We sell the tickets, do the live draw and then deliver the prize to whoever gets picked out first! Simples! On multiple winning competitions all winning cash prizes are sent directly to the winner’s bank account within 48 Hours. Unless the prize is over a value of £2000 in which case we will deliver in person to your door!

A very good and common question – We aim to surprise you!! and want to keep all of our customers on their toes for what is coming next! We will be running competitions from Cash prizes to 900BHP Nissan GTR’s, and then back to a classic 1969 Mini…. We want to have a laugh and want you to as well.

This is an easy one – Within 7 days for us to deliver the prize to you, or if you don’t want to wait that long then you can come down and see us and collect it yourself…… However we will still make you wait whilst we get the cameras rolling!

We have given away over 30 prizes to date since launching and everything we have given away has been live on our facebook page, pop over and have a look at some of our live videos.

All of our draws will be drawn using Google’s random number generator, We will use Facebook live to do the draws, so you can all get involved. We are always always available to answer your questions and if you want to come and see us and see the cars before the end of the competition, then we’ll put the kettle on!

We have tried and tried but Paypal will not accept payments for competition businesses across the UK as per their terms and conditions. If you see a car competition which accepts Paypal, feel free to be concerned about this.

As many times as you like!  We have a transaction limit of £399, however you are able to re-enter again if you want to further increase your odds of winning.

If we have stated that the draw is GUARANTEED then we will not extend these competitions past the fixed, guaranteed draw date. If the competition has not got a guaranteed date yet then we will add a little time in order for the tickets to sell, We will only do this a maximum of 3 times at which point the competition will have a final end date and be drawn.

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